Journalist visa and press accreditation for Russia

Journalist visas and press accreditation

Many production teams and journalists travel to the Russian Federation on a tourist or business visa. This is actually not allowed, can lead to problems when shooting and will be more strictly controlled by the border guards and customs officers in the future. If you enter the country with professional cameras and sound equipment, you can expect a check and a possible rejection by the Russian authorities.

The correct way of entry and filming in Russia, is to apply for a press accreditation from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID). The accreditation entitles the holder to receive a press visa for a limited period of time.

DIE NEUE knows all the current regulations and the procedures for applying for an accreditation. We have already obtained countless accreditation and press visas in recent years. We know the contacts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs well. Furthermore, the officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only want to speak Russian, which makes it difficult for foreigners to apply.

Do you want to film in Russia and need an accreditation and a press visa? Write to us now! We can help. WhatsApp +7 985 114 9695

Every member of your production team needs an accreditation and a press visa while filming in Russia. If a member does not meet the requirements for a press visa, for example a technical camera assistant without a journalist ID, we can ask for an exception and provide this employee with a regular business visa. This has worked in the past when the rest of the team has press visas.

It is important to have the accreditation with you, especially when filming in public spaces. The police and other security authorities check this regularly and with the accreditation you are on the safe side. If there are problems, we can usually solve them through a contact in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please note that in Russia, as in other countries, there are film bans for certain objects and locations. This includes, for example, the Kremlin with Red Square or the Moscow Metro. We will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, obtain a special permit.

Cost & Timeframe

Applying for press accreditation and a press visa at the Russian Foreign Ministry costs EUR 240 per person.

DIE NEUE advises you, gives you a document checklist, collects all necessary documents, translates them into Russian if necessary, and submits the application to the responsible officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course, we also take care of questions from officials and mediate. After the accreditation has been granted, we will organize an appointment at the nearest Russian consulate and help with obtaining the visa by filling out the visa application and collecting other necessary documents, such as the health insurance certificate and other documents.

Period: approx. 10 business days

Do you want to film in Russia and need an accreditation and a press visa? Write to us now! We can help.

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